January Special!!!

Every Month, I offer special deals on a particular baking order… in the past I’ve done Chocolate and  Regular Croissants, Thanksgiving Pies, or various Christmas Cookies. For the month of January, I will be doing something different…

I will be making Safari Cookies and selling as much as possible! Why, you might ask? Well, I recently had the opportunity to go to a fundraiser dinner for a non-profit organization that is very close to my heart… Kenya R.E.A.L.

Kenya R.E.A.L. is Reaching, Empowering & Acting in Love to make a difference in the slums of Nakuru. This organization is involved in making a difference in Kenya through feeding programs, orphan care, and water projects (just to name a few).  This amazing organization TRULY CARES for the children of Kenya!!

While attending this fundraiser last month, I began to brainstorm ways I could help… I’m not the wealthiest person out there, but I DO have the gift of baking… what if I did a bake sale… but on a larger scale? So, for the entire month of January, all my baking proceeds will be going to this wonderful organization!  I will be taking orders for Safari Cookies (available for pick up Saturday, January 25th)…

Jungle Theme Baby Shower
Safari Cookies

Normally, these cookies are $2.50 each… but I encourage you to go above and beyond and donate more, if even a dollar or two… ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO KENYA R.E.A.L.!!!

Cookies not your thing?

You won’t be disappointed with these delicious Sugar Cookies covered with Royal Icing… but if you aren’t a big cookie fan, or think… “That’s a great cause Beth, but I don’t want cookies, I REALY need some cupcakes!!” … well then, I’ll just have to make ALL MY JANUARY ORDERS GO TOWARDS KENYA REAL!!! Yes, you heard me, order those cupcakes… it’s for a great cause!!

Place your Order Now and see the good that can become of just a few cookies!

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