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First, let me introduce myself, my name is Beth, Baker Extraordinaire,  Catering/Event Manager, & design guru… I like to tell people that I’m their “Party Girl”… if you are throwing a party, I’m the person you call! I know the world is full of people claiming to be the best at what they do; although it’s true I strive for excellence, I believe my goal is different than most. My baking is all about relationships, it always has been. I aim to create lasting and memorable moments for my clients, whether that is a baby gender reveal cake cutting at a wedding, or gold accented cupcakes for a 50th Anniversary backyard party by candlelight.  At the end of the day, the cake will be eaten and will be no more; relationships, on the other hand, are long lasting. If I can bake something that sparks a memory or renders you speechless, I know I’ve done my job! Now pair that to creating a space that invites conversation and the chance to be the most honest version of yourself to loved ones… that, my friends, is the sweet spot that I look for and aim to create… a Sweet Creation, if you will!

Thank you for taking the time to follow me and supporting this small business with BIG dreams!! I can’t wait to share adventures, encouragement, my many passions, and of course, all the baking endeavors along the way!

Sweet Creations is a self built company by yours truly! I am a baker… plain and simple.  I grew up baking in the kitchen with my momma, watching her roll out the perfect pie crust and learning the tricks of the trade every step of the way. My momma  taught me everything she knows; like, making sure to lift up the pie dough mid-roll and push a little extra flour underneath… or adding a few EXTRA dashes of nutmeg to the apple pie mixture.  It is oh so true that, mother knows best.  I quickly became comfortable in the kitchen and discovered my love for baking, eager to help my mom every Thanksgiving make the pies for our family celebrations.

In college, I spent my years trying to attain a “stable career,” doors kept closing in that direction and opening toward this baking hobby of mine. I spent weekends baking, expanding skills, and teaching a high school mentee the basics of baking.  It was during this period when I realized my passion for teaching others how to bake, and experienced how the kitchen is the perfect place for conversation and building relationships.  Soon I began to build a rather strong reputation amongst family and friends by baking cupcakes for parties and special events… I took pictures of EVERYTHING, and made a “Sweet Creations” album on my Facebook page. I didn’t think anything of it, just that I loved baking and needed an album to put my pictures in…

News spread about my Sweet Creations and I soon began accepting orders for cupcakes, mini Oreo cheesecakes, pies, and eventually wedding cakes… proving that this was more than just a hobby, but has turned into a business.  It is amazing how God has continually opened doors in this venture, and CLEARLY closed doors for everything else.  It took quite some time for me to accept that this, being an entrepreneur, is the path He had in store for me.

Someday I’ll have a cute little bakery of my own, but until then, I’ll be here, baking away, learning along the way, and making the most delicious sweet creations you could ever imagine… I personally hate buying  something at the store that looks good but tastes bland! So I strive to bake all my creations to both taste and look amazing! People sometimes are AMAZED at how good my Creations look and taste… to that, all I can possibly say is that my momma taught me to follow a recipe down to the T… and that’s what I do.  I’m not a genius; I take a leap of faith every now and then, I google when I don’t know quite how to perform a certain technique, and have a knack for combining recipes to create what I imagine to be a perfect creation.

This blog is the perfect way for me to showcase past creations, share my love for clean eating, and take you along the journey that is baking!

To place an order, or simply ask a question, please email me and I will get back to you in a timely fashion 🙂 Happy Baking!!



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  1. Hello Beth,
    Morgan May gave me your contact information as I, her step-mother-in-law, is planning a baby shower for her in March and would like to talk about possible options. I also love love to bake, and so glad to read your story of how you love to bake… and do it well enough to start a business. How lovely. Look forward to hearing from you, Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon! It’s so nice to meet you!
      How exciting! Yes, I’d love chat with you about Morgan’s baby shower!! If you’d like to call or text me, we can talk in more detail! My cell is (323)899-4853
      Hope to hear from you soon!

    2. Hi Sharon! I’m not sure if I ever replied to this, i’m so sorry if I didn’t. Yes, I’d love to make something for Morgan’s shower! Do you have a date and theme yet?

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