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valentinesHappy Valentine’s Day Everyone! I know, I know… some of you are probably a second away from clicking out of, yet ANOTHER Valentines post… this is one particular holiday that is either greatly loved or strongly hated! I have always tended to agree with the later, but this year, I’m trying to broaden my horizons and look at it from a different perspective.  This holiday isn’t just for those of you who have a date on the 14th… no, Valentine’s Day, in my opinion, is a day we can all be reminded of the people in our lives that we love so dearly.

While talking with a friend about her plans for the big day… we began talking about traditions and cultures that celebrate this holiday differently.  She said something that made me think a little… that in her culture, Valentine’s Day is also called the “Day of Love and Friendship.” The day is spent telling those you love (friends included) how much they mean to you.  When did friendship get thrown out the window in society today? Yes, as kids we would pick out our favorite cartoon valentines packet at the store and hand them out to our classmates along with a piece of candy… but as adults, it suddenly shifts to the idea that EVERYBODY needs to be on a date, and if you aren’t… well than, you should be depressed….  I don’t like that one bit!  This should be a happy day!

Regardless of your love or hate of this particular holiday… CHOOSE to love! You always have a choice, even if you feel that life sometimes isn’t fair, choose to love others; family, friends, coworkers, or even strangers.  As for me, this year I will be celebrating those people in my life who have loved me, and I, them. That’s how it should be right? It shouldn’t be about scrambling to find a date for the night; it should be about celebrating those already in your life who mean so much to you! So, here’s to you… the couple with the annual Valentine’s tradition… the widower staying in for the night… or all the single ladies… whatever stage of life you are in, know that you are loved by someone out there (maybe even a few someones).  Whether you love this very commercialized holiday, or hate it… tell someone you love them this Friday! Maybe a change in attitude is the better idea… I know it was for me! I choose to LOVE!

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Thanks for stopping by, Happy Valentine’s Day, and

Happy Baking!

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